K-12 Business Leader

Arjan Khalsa is a leader and visionary in digital curriculum for the 21st century classroom. Over the past 30 years, he has been  a pioneer in educational technology, curriculum development, educational research, and successful entrepreneurship. He has specialized in solutions for kindergarten through eighth grade, addressing  mathematics, reading, science, and special education.

Conceptua Math. Arjan Khalsa is the co-founder and CEO of Conceptua Math. He started the company in 2009 with his close colleague, Edward Murphy, under a federal research grant and with a passion for how technology can deliver K-8 math instruction in a visual and conceptual way (patents pending).  Arjan leads the management team, works directly with professional development leaders and school districts that are implementing the program, and leads the business development efforts.

IntelliTools. Arjan’s vision for how assistive technology can improve the lives of special needs students led to the creation of IntelliTools, Inc.  a market leader  in special education. He developed IntelliKeys®, IntelliPics® and Classroom Suite™ along with products for IBM/LittleTykes and Hougton-Mifflin centered around the creative use of technology to support special education learners. He sold the company to Cambium Learning in 2006, bringing strong returns to IntelliTools investors and staff, and he served as a Senior Vice President for Cambium after the acquisition.

Educational Software Review. Arjan’s entrepreneurial career began in the early 1980’s when he founded Educational Software Review, Inc., and invented the LittleJack® headphone system, selling thousands to improve the use of the Apple IIe in classrooms.