Ignite Speeches

Ignite Speeches are 5-minute evocative speeches that follow a specific format: 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide. Arjan has presented at Ignite events on four occasions.


Music and Math: Motion, Emotion, Devotion, and Commotion
April 2011

This musical Ignite speech explores the relationship between fractions and music, and includes provocative insights into the history of musical traditions.


Razzmatazz: Tribute to Steve Rasmussen
December 2011

In December of 2011, a portion of the CMC North Ignite session was devoted to Arjan's close friend and colleague, Steve Rasmussen. Arjan was unable to attend in person, so he and his Conceptua Math partners recorded this original tune.


Musical Math Moods in Major and Minor Modes
December 2014

Speaking and singing at a holiday-season mathematics conference with hundreds of people in a large, historic room, Arjan explains the mathematical basis of gospel. He analyzes the physics of major and minor chords, and explains how we are all affected by the connection between math and music.